Onsite Backup vs. Cloud Backup

Onsite Backup vs. Cloud Backup

Backing up important data is very essential; but just recently, available file backup solutions became limited to local storage on devices like thumb drives, CDs and other external hard drives. Now, online data backup becomes in demand and more popular than the first one and now businesses and individuals are confused on which of them is the best to use. Are you one of those persons who back up all their data in an online backup or storage system or are you one of those that keep their local systems in the usual place? Before deciding, one must know first the advantages and drawbacks of each type of data storage as well.

Many would certainly agree that 2 copies are better than one, same with the two head is better than one. But what most of us don’t know is that redundancy has its own cost, too. In finding the key for an efficient and effective backup strategy with a 100% guaranteed expected outcome, one must clearly define first his goal and which type of backup would he use in meeting it. In topics about backups, two things will certainly be a part of them ad that are onsite backup solutions and online data backup or cloud backup.

Advantages of online backup system

Very much cost-effective – This is the main reason behind the fast popularity of this storage system. When you use it, you no longer have to own or even maintain a software or hardware of any kind that is associated with the backup storage. All you have to do is to simply pay the fee every month to store all of your data with no any upfront investment. Aside from that, the savings are all substantial and you no longer need to use or run a hardware storage system or equipment.

Best in terms of accessibility – All your data which are stored in an online data backup system can be accessed anytime and anywhere and with any connected gadget or device that you want to use like laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone. All you have to do is open your cloud account and you can access it already.

Very much flexible – Online storage systems are all highly scalable which means that you can have the space that you need, whether big or small. You can even add its storage capacity so there is no need for you to upgrade it for an increased storage.

Disaster recovery – Online data backup is a remote backup solution so you are sure that all your data is safe even when there is an on-site catastrophe. Its disaster recovery is incomparably fast because no physical equipment is involved in getting your files back.

Advantages of onsite backup

Security – You can have a peace of mind with this storage system than with the first one because your data are stored in external hard drives which mean that they are protected and safe from any malicious attacks all the time.

Speed – In terms of speed, it is not limited in the local backup by connectivity and you can update it daily in just a few minutes.

Excellent control – Onsite backup solutions is the best when it comes to control because you exactly know where your data are and you can retain control over the person that can and access all your files.

Your decision about what to use in backing up or storing your data depends on your specific backup needs.