Network Services

Computer Network Services

With the help of today’s advanced and modern technology, small office as well as home office networking products is successfully made so that everyone can effectively plug in and even get a simple network that is for always running. Providers, like Regular Guy Computer Services, willingly support all your business needs. They do offer networking services for business and homes, whether their customer needs a simple network in their home for file and printer sharing purposes and have shared internet service or a fault-tolerant, secure and robust setup for a business.

Making sure that nobody else can access any of your important data or even access your internet services without your permission or knowledge is your sole responsibility and it would be a pain in the neck if someone uses your internet services in performing any illegal activities that you might be held accountable. When looking for a networking services that can be right for your pocket and business needs is a daunting task and it is even harder to find a computer network specialist, especially in Kansas City, that is capable of handling this task effectively in a competent and professional manner and one that can give you almost everything that you need.

Regular Guy Computer Services offer networking setup and support services which include:

Hubs and switches which will let you connect on one or even more computers to other computers, networks and networked devices.

  • Network cabling and wiring
  • Paneling and wall jacks
  • Network security testing
  • Firewalls which is a security network system that will monitor and control all the incoming and outgoing network traffics which are based on a predetermined security rules
  • Intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • WIFI remote access
  • Network monitoring and management
  • And others

The company provides very comprehensive and great infrastructures from IP telephony, structured cabling and wiring, network security, software applications and corporate E-mail server. Their services also involve a very perfect design, strategic planning and implementation and successful E-mail migration as well. By utilizing the expertise of their expert and professional technicians and engineers, this company can provide both the small, midsize, and big businesses with a wide range of services and networking solutions that were previously available only for well-established and large companies in the industry. The primary area locations that Regular Guy Computer Services serve is Kansas City and nearby places.

Having confidence in your owner network and fully understanding it is very critical. One should need a computer service network provider that can give them the assistance and expertise that they require from the start or initial planning stages up to the regular monitoring as well as of the management of their specific network. When it comes to complete set of computer network services, Regular Guy Computer Services can give their clients all their needs, from firewalls down to virtual private networking (VPN).  You can have their services at a competitively and reasonably price and you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the services that you need