Working on refurbishing some Dell Optiplex desktops. – Update – 1 Left

Update: the first unit is a Dell Optiplex 760 small desktop.  Windows 7 Professional, 64 Bit; 4GB RAM; 160GB hard drive; DVD-RW drive; dual VGA (two monitor capable); Core2Duo 2.93 GHz Intel processor.  This unit is completely up to date with all updates.  Keep in mind, antivirus and Microsoft Office are not installed and are extra.  Price as is:  $200.  This unit is perfect for anyone needing a reliable workstation for Internet/email/social media/Office productivity.


I have one ready at this time.  Working on two others.

These units all have Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit.  The are all Core 2 Duo processors, so they aren’t going to set the world on fire, they would make good workstations for someone that needs simple Internet and Microsoft Office functionality.  Pricing will be $200 – $300 depending on specs.